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Single Women Beverly Hills, California, CA, Dirty Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes
 Location:rencontres entre malentendants site de rencontre sud
 Zip Code:90211
 Age:25, Scorpio
 Height:5 ft. 10 in.
 Hair, Eyes:Dirty Blonde, Hazel
 Religion:Not Religious
 Politics:Didn't Say
 Education:Some College
 Income:$75,000 - $125,000
 Job:Entertainment and Media
 Smoke:Smoke Regularly
 Has Kids:No
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About Me
I'm a girl who believes. A girl who wishes. A girl who dreams. And a girl who pretends.

Hey, my name is elsie. i was born and raised in the united states for the past nineteen years. My birthday is on November 11th. Yes, its on a holiday. I just graduated from highschool. I do feel old and i wish i was eight again. I enjoy many sports that i cant live without. Swimming and bandmitton are my top sports i cant live without. i have been swimming for around 6 years or so. On my freshmen year tryouts for swimming, i made varsity. for bandmitton, i started playing in school. i used to play with families outside though. During both swimming and bandmitton, i have met people that have changed my life. I'll never forget the amazing seniors on the swim team. I did look up to them : ) For bandmitton, i met many new people. I will never forget Kris of John though. They seriously changed the way that i viewed bandmitton. I am so glad i met them. besides sports, Im also into many other cool things. I looove to write. Writing sentences, poems, short stories, and even words is one thing that makes me happy.When i write i feel and forget about everything else that is going on. Besides writing, fashion is my number one priority. I love fashion and one day i wanna live in Paris and open up my own little shope with my clothing designs. That's basically my dream job. During my freshman year, i fell in love with biology. Saving people, or even helping people is a job i would also love to consider. I'd love to become a biochemist. Biology is my life, and i can live it twenty-four-seven. I have two sisters in my life. One younger and one older. I have a pet dog named flash, and a goldfish named bob. I have a mother and a father. My life is unchangeable. If i could change it, i wouldn't. I don't drink pop, i think it's disgusting : p. I really live on water and milk. My favourite food has to be ice-cream. It's refreshing, delicious, and even good lookin'. Hanging with my friends is always fun and interesting. I have so many memories with my friends when we were young. I love going shopping, going to the movies, going to water parks, and six flags. Having fun is something that everyone need in their life. You may think that i am like everyone else. I have two eyes, ten fingers, a nose, and two ears. What makes me unique, is me. I am me, and me is different from everyone else. You may think its a bad thing, go ahead. everyone has their own opinion : )

xoxo elsie ?

Want To Find:A man ages 18 to 50 to date
Interests:Didn't Say

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